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Sherwin Williams (W.I.) Company

Services Provided

CEO Health and Safety Consultants have been providing occupational health services to Sherwin WIlliams (W.I.) Company such as respiratory protection training and respirator fit testing for the past 2 years

I have been associated with the CEO of CEO throughout a good span of his career as a coworkers in the field of OESH. His passion for the field in practice is the same in his business. As an EHS professional aswell in the industry that is always looking for new opportunities in various company, I realize that he is on his way to be a ‘household name’ for many companies that I have been associated with. The service is like non other. CEO is always ready to talk business in a reasonable way and work out a plan so that both company can maintain a long relationship. The company passion for Safety and occupation health also see it fit to embrace world EHS celebrations and has offer at times FREEE trainings as see it fit to companies. This is not just a business but a believer of EHS through genuine service. Coming from Sherwin Williams as their EHS Manager…thumbs up.