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Environmental Solutions Heading

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) eg. ISO 14001 Development and Training

Natural Hazards Emergency Plans & Training

Environmental Awareness Training

Noise Surveys- Residential and Community

Asbestos & Hazardous Chemicals Control Program

Environmental Solutions Courses


Radiation Safety

Lear more about radiation safety in your workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment Training

An overview of the use of personal protective equipment, the importance and selecting the proper personal protective equipment.

LockOut TagOut Safety Awareness Training

Increase the knowledge of personnel undertaking service or maintenance work on industrial equipment and helping them understand the importance of energy control and know how to apply energy isolation and Lockout Tagout in a practical manner.

Indoor Air Quality Awareness Training

An overview of common sources of indoor air quality, improving indoor air quality and possible adverse health effects due to poor indoor air quality. 

Ergonomics Awareness Training

An overview of ergonomics in the workplace and how it can help to improve Health and Safety including how WMSD’s can be prevented in the workplace.

Electrical Safety Training

Overview of basic electrical safety for individuals to develop the requisite skills to prevent/limit potential exposure to electrical hazards.

Safe Chemical Handling Training

Overview of basic safety procedures for individuals in the safely handling of potentially hazardous chemical materials to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses.

Confined Space Safety Awareness Training

This training course will increase your knowledge of the hazards associated with entering confined spaces. As well as specific control techniques and the basic pre-entry procedures to safely perform work.

Heat Stress Training

This heat stress awareness training teaches participants how heat affects the body, the steps they can take to prevent heat stress, and elementary first aid that can be given to a worker affected by heat-related illness.

Hearing Conservation Training

Course designed mainly for workers exposed to noise and to stress, the importance of hearing conservation in noisy environments in the workplace.

Respiratory Protection Training

An overview of effective respiratory protection to include the proper use,
care and fit of respirators.