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Red Stripe

Among our many commitments to our employees, a safe working environment tops them all. As such we take a proactive approach, always conducting checks and balances to ensure we are on top of things.

We found a few areas that needed some tightening and that’s when we solicited the services of CEO Health and Safety Consultants in helping us close these gaps and was immediately sold in using their services through an alignment chat with their general manager.

Talk is cheap they say but after sitting in a class “Safe Handling Of Dangerous Substances”, I was thrilled that it was not just talk. The instructor spoke profoundly, taking ownership and handling questions well making good of the term interactive learning.

Even better was how the content was tailored specifically to our environment, drawing on example to which our team could identify instead and broad brushing.

Needless to say, since then we’ve partnered on other project such as Respirator Training and Fit Testing.

CEO is truly a content specialist in the services they provide. After evaluating ourselves, we are just where we want to be. With CEO Health and Safety Consultants you are truly in good hands.

Aldon Small

Training Specialist

Nunes, Scholefield, DeLeon and Co

In April 2019, the firm of Nunes, Scholefield, DeLeon & Co., had reason to engage the services of Caribbean Environmental and Occupational (CEO) Health and Safety Consultants Ltd as we were experiencing air quality issues in our offices.

Managing Director, Mr. Michael Wilson was prompt in responding to our request and had a hands-on approach in carrying out the investigations and providing us with the results from various tests.

We have had a continuing relationship with CEO Health & Safety and have no problems with their turn around time between collecting samples, carrying out analyses and providing us with their Assessment Reports.

Based on our experience, we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who may require their services.

Clive Barnes

Maintenance Technician

Jamaica Medical Doctors Association

Working with CEO Health and Safety Consultants was indeed a rewarding experience. The staff was courteous, efficient, and organized. Their spectacular customer service exceeded our expectations, and they were exceptionally patient and accommodating to the challenging schedules of our members. It is without any doubt that the JMDA would gladly work with this health team again.

Dr. Renne Badroe

JMDA- 1st Vice President

Sherwin Williams

I have been associated with the CEO of CEO throughout a good span of his career as a coworkers in the field of OESH. His passion for the field in practice is the same in his business. As an EHS professional aswell in the industry that is always looking for new opportunities in various company, I realize that he is on his way to be a ‘household name’ for many companies that I have been associated with. The service is like non other. CEO is always ready to talk business in a reasonable way and work out a plan so that both company can maintain a long relationship. The company passion for Safety and occupation health also see it fit to embrace world EHS celebrations and has offer at times FREEE trainings as see it fit to companies. This is not just a business but a believer of EHS through genuine service. Coming from Sherwin Williams as their EHS Manager…thumbs up.

Gilmore Dotting

HSSE Manager

Bureau of Standards Jamaica

CEO Health & Safety Consultants conducted a Respirator Protection and Fit Test Training for the organization in October 2018. The session was very informative and reiterated the importance of having employees properly trained and fitted with respirator prior to use. The fit testing exercise aided the organization in determining the appropriate size respirator required for the employees in attendance as well as if changes in size where required.

Shellon Terrelonge

Health and Safety Officer